Sunday, June 28, 2015


Here are some of my favorite pictures from the little photo shoot I did for Paxton's 2nd birthday.  I got a bunch of balloons, which of course, my toddler decided were terrifying and we spent a good 10 minutes trying to get him near the balloons.  Not even a cupcake could tempt him near!  So, the balloons had to go far away and then he happily went about devouring his cupcake.  

 Paxton skeptically eyeing the evil balloons.
 I really can't believe Pax is a whole two years old.  He is such an amazing little person.  I loved his tiny squishy baby phase, but I love this rambunctious, sponge brain phase just as much.  He is funny and clever. Sweet and silly.  Smart and full of excited sequels and big belly laughs.  He fills my days with joy, happiness and so much love.  So glad you are in the world, Paxton!

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