Monday, January 20, 2014

Paxton's new playroom

After Christmas I set out to transform our barely used front room into a playroom for Paxton.  I had a lot of fun creating a fun space for my boy to learn and grow.  I love how it turned out and I love spending the majority of our day here. 

Paxton isn't crawling yet, but we installed extra wide and tall baby gates at either end of the room.  He has a cozy reading nook with a PBK anywhere chair and racks for his books.  My parents gifted us the wonderful Exersaucer and Pax spends a good chunk of time bouncing and staring out the window in that thing.  He loves it.  The playmat is a huge staple and he's been on that thing practically since birth and we still always start our mornings with some quiet play time there.  He's not ready for the magnetic chalkboard yet, but it's all set for him when he gets a little older.  There are storage cups underneath for the magnetic numbers and letters and chalk.  The tree is a Readwood growth chart and we will enjoy watching the marks move up and up that tree as he grows.  The kite was a gift from my parents and I think it adds a fun element to his room, especially since Brad's a pilot.  I love the art cable where we can display is little crafts. 


 The toy storage was created from hand-me-down furniture and colorful plastic bins.  I bought a slip cover for our old couch that can easily be taken off for washing after what is sure to be lots of spit up, drooling and other messy things happening on that couch.  The chevron pillows are covers that can easily be thrown in the wash as well.  I love the art in the room that I ordered from Etsy and the bunting too.  The rug seems durable and pretty soft and I love the fun colors.  Since we decided not to paint any of the walls in this rental house I wanted to be sure to brighten up the room with fun colors. 

I LOVE this "Oh the places you'll go" map!

All of the items (and ideas) for Paxton's playroom can be found on my Playroom Pinterest Board -

Sunday, January 5, 2014

6th Anniversary

 Happy SIX years of marriage to us.  Very fortunate, grateful and lucky to have a wonderful husband, who provides and cares for us and is the reason why I am able to stay home with my little lovey like I always wanted. 
 For our first anniversary as a family of 3 we decided to all go out for a sushi lunch.  It was our first time getting sushi since we left Japan.  We got Japanese beers, appetizers and couldn't even finish the massive plate of sushi we ordered.  It was delish and we will totally be going back.  The place made us feel like we were right back in Japan. 

 After lunch we headed over to Home Depot and that just seemed like icing on the cake for our sixth anniversary celebration.  Nothing like Home Depot on a date to say we've been married for forever and this is what we do now. 

 Brad and the indoor sparkler to give me flowers and presents.  My big present was a Kate Spade baby bag and he gave that to me before Christmas!  His birthday/Christmas and anniversary present was a high end iPad mini. 
The day was completed with wine and almond raspberry cake on Tiffany china we got as a wedding present from my sister.

It was a nice day, full of memories and thoughts on how far we've come.  We have done so much in 6 years!! It's really incredible.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy 2014

Wishing you all all the very best in the new year!  Happy 2014!   We celebrated New Years with our little man hours before midnight this year.  And both Paxton and I were fast asleep by the time the ball dropped.  That was a first for me!  Times sure have changed, but I wouldn't have it any other way. 

 Every day my heart is so incredibly full and I don't think I could possibly love him more.  But, every night I fall asleep loving him a little more than I did yesterday!  He is such a sweet, amazing, wonderful blessing. 

 My boys are so sweet to indulge me with these silly pictures that I love so much!  We had a fun first New Years as a family of 3. 
 Once Pax went to bed Brad and I enjoyed a nice bottle of champagne together before he went out for a bit to see a friend play in a band.  He was home before midnight, but I was already fast asleep!
 Brad and I always like doing a run on New Years Day, so of course we did it again this year, but this year included a stop at the park. 

2013 was such a monumental year.  So many big changes happened!  My baby boy was my favorite thing, duh.  But, we had our big move, Brad's new job, our new car, our new house and my body went through the most incredible transformation last year.  I can't believe how amazing our bodies are able to adapt, grow and heal.  I have such a new respect for the human body.

I'm excited to see Paxton's first steps this year, to hear him say his first word, and to see what his favorite foods are.  I hope this year is another healthy one for me and my family.  I hope I can run lots and complete another half marathon before my 30th birthday in June.  We have tentative plans to travel to Maine, New Orleans and possibly even a resort type of place somewhere exotic. 

Wishing you your best year yet!  Happy New Year!