Saturday, February 26, 2011

Gojou - 4 months

Gojou recently had his 4 month birthday! Little baby is growing a lot, eating a lot and loves playing on his giant wheel. He is a lot less grumpy and he's hurting my feelings less because all I want to do is love him and squeeze him! He hardly puts his quills up at all anymore, except for around his face. I'm slowly getting him to accept my love!

He goes on his back much easier and sometimes will allow me to pet his tummy. He is still not a huge fan of baths or food other than his ferret food and mealworms. Some days he is sweet as can be and he totally melts my heart. Others days he just wants to be left alone, but I bribe him to be nice with mealworms. Gojou does not like the camera, the sounds it makes and hates the flash most of all. So, I don't like to bother him with it too often, but I did get these pictures last night. He's hilarious, endless entertainment. I love him!!

Back On Track

Ok, confession. I've been a total slacker in my running lately. Lately as in I haven't ran in a couple weeks... a good, long couple weeks. At first the problem was the cold, rainy, windy and generally icky weather. Since I had to be out in that weather riding and teaching lessons I certainly didn't want to go back out into it once I got home. Then I was sick with a cold or two... excuses excuses. But then, sadly, it got to a point where I was actually afraid. Afraid that I'd let it go too long and that I'd have to go through the excruciating process of learning to run again. I was afraid that it would be hard again.

For the past week I would say, ok today's the day. But, I would never bite the bullet and just go. Then last night I had a dream. A dream where I was running, running and running like the wind up a hill and it was effortless. You know when you're even having dreams about running that it's time. I miss it. I forgot that one of the reasons I love running is that it is hard. I love the challenge and the power of my body. I love the burning lungs, aching muscles and pounding heart, and I love the wind in my hair.

And so this evening I ran. It felt great putting my running gear on and lacing up my running shoes. I kept thinking, "why have I put this off so long?" Evening or night is my favorite time to run. (I will never be one of those people who run well in the morning.) The sun was going down and making the clouds orange, pink and purple. The shadows were long in the remaining sunlight. It's my favorite time of day. I set off, determined not to push it too hard, to just enjoy myself. I didn't even wear my watch. I just wanted to get myself out there and back on track. After the first hill I felt my muscles and lungs starting to work and it just felt so good.

My run was awesome and I even sprinted in the last 1/4 mile. I can still run. I ran really well actually. I ran like no time had passed at all, except I was running without the usual pain in my knee and foot. Perhaps this break was actually just what I needed. I'll probably be sore tomorrow though!

Friday, February 25, 2011


So, update to my last post... Brad read that I loved that dress and immediately bought it for me. He told me today that he ordered it! Now I just need some place to wear it.

Today another big purchase was made which involves another stamp on my passport. Brad's leave hasn't been approved yet, so I'll wait to tell you about it. I will be extremely upset and disappointed if we don't get to go, so fingers crossed!

My husband is really really good to me. Lucky girl!

Thursday, February 24, 2011


LBD... Little Black Dress. Everyone needs one right? I think I may be treating myself to this pretty little number. It's on sale too! Ahhh BCBG, you sure know how to make a dress. Classy, flattering and so detailed. Love.

As I briefly mentioned before, I have a total love for BCBG dresses. This was started by my husband when he bought me my first BCBG dress for our rehearsal dinner. If I had the love of these dresses then that I do now I would have gotten married in a BCBG for sure.

Here is my first love, my rehearsal dinner dress. This still is my fav BCBG ever... probably my favorite dress ever. I got a beautiful BCBG for Brad's winging. It's so classy, versatile and I always feel like a million bucks in it, it's so flattering. Weird I don't have a better picture of it!

BCBG dress I wore to the Cherry Point USMC ball in 2009. I loved every second I got to wear this dress. I have yet to wear it again, but I look forward to it.

And the BCBG Brad gave me for my birthday last year. And the BCBG shoes he got me to go with it. I'm so glad I'm a girl and get to wear pretty dresses and shoes! Thank goodness for BCBG dresses.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Guilty Pleasure

This guilty pleasure goes along the same stream as my love for Jersey Shore and Britney Spears. I just can't help myself. I love Holly Madison. I loved her on the Girls Next Door, she is ooooh so pretty, smart, talented, loves animals and I just can't help but smile when I watch her on her show Holly's World. Brad makes fun of my mega girl crush, but whatev. She totally rocks. And no one can rock the tube socks better than Holly.


This weekend was mostly spent hanging out at home and enjoying each others company. Enjoying each others company as in playing the Kinect. We've spent a small fortune on Kinect games the past few days. We've had a blast doing the sports and fitness games and yesterday Brad bought me Zumba! I lovelovelove Zumba and it is a super fun workout that burns lots of calories.

We did get out for a bit to check out the Okinawa Zoo. Most people have told me not to go to the zoo here. The animals have small, bare enclosures and don't have the quality of life the animals in the big US zoo's do. But, recently I saw and ad saying that there were slow loris at this zoo and I immediately wanted to go.

I've been totally obsessed with slow loris ever since I saw the Slow Loris Loves Tickles video years ago. Unfortunately we only saw one Slow Loris and it was curled up on a branch asleep. It reminded me of a little koala.

Even though we didn't get to see the Slow Loris do anything there were a ton of other animals to see. We saw bats, monkeys, big cats, hippos, a giant ant eater, pigs, giraffes, goats, ponies, an elephant, reptiles and amphibians, kangaroos and tons of different animals. The zoo was chock full and pretty expansive. The enclosures were definitely not very nice and a quite a few different times we were overwhelmed with the smell of the animals and their excrement, but considering how Okinawa is, the zoo was pretty good. Check out the sign on the lions cage. They get so mad they pee on people... poor lions. Brad got totally grossed out watching the hippos eat, it was pretty funny. I felt especially bad for the monkeys/apes/chips that just stare into your soul with their eyes. They had a lot!

The zoo also had a small petting zoo. I went gahgah over the baby chicks. Ummmm total love fest over these lil babies. They also had a super fluffy bunny, turtles and goats.

There happened to be a flower festival going on at the zoo too! There were so many flowers and they were super pretty.

The zoo made for a nice afternoon! Oh how I love animals!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Yesssss Brit Video!

Ummmm yes, I am an unabashed Britney fan. The long awaited new video for Hold it Against Me just came out. I love it. Way to go Brit!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

1, 2, 3, GO

Yaaaaaaawn. Ok, almost the weekend.

Isn't Gojou the cutest!?

I currently have a to-do list a mile long, but I feel like Gojou here and really just want to curl up with the book I mentioned in my last post. Maybe another cup of coffee will do the trick...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Must Read About Japan

For Valentines Day my wonderful sister sent me Japanland: A Year in Search of Wa. I immediately dug into this witty, entertaining travelogue about a woman who spends a year in Japan, trying to find wa - or harmony, and all of her adventures along the way. I haven't finished the book quite yet, but already I know that it is a book I will recommend to anyone curious about this country and it's interesting people. This book sheds light on the Japaneses iron clad morals and values system that guides their day to day behavior and actions. Sometimes living here can make me what to pull my hair out, but reading this book really helps me to understand the deep rooted cultural differences and has made me stop and think about how I act, speak to and interact with my host country. And it has made me really want to buckle down with my Japanese language studying. This book is full of laughs, adventures and culture and I am so so so very glad my sister sent this to me! I recommend it to anyone wanting to know about, interested or even thinking about visiting this modern, but very traditional country.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I Heart U

Happy Valentines Day, sweet loves! If you are or aren't a fan of Valentines Day, I hope this picture brightens your day.

I'm lucky enough to have a some adorable valentines in my life.

Like I mentioned last post, Brad and I celebrated Valentines Day this weekend by going whale watching and generally just enjoying each others company. On Friday night Brad surprised me with beautiful diamond earrings. He likes to surprise me since he says I'll expect it the day of. His present was the Kinect for the xbox. I kinda wanted this too, and I thought it would be a fun thing for us to do together because usually I want nothing to do with video games. We had a total blast playing with the Kinect! My favorite part is how the camera takes pics while you're playing. Hilarious. We had a total ball. Does anyone have other games they like to play on the Kinect? I think I'd like to get some of the fitness and sports games.

And since my honey is gone again for a few days, flying "the ocean in a silver plane."

I hope you enjoy a red heart filled with chocolate, time with family, a hug from a friend or snuggle with your favorite animal. It's always a good idea to be thankful for the love we have in our lives.

Humpback Whales!

To celebrate Valentines Day my hubby had the fabulous idea to go Whale Watching. January - April is whale watching season because the humpback whales come to warm, winter water (like Okinawa) to breed and have babies. Humpback whales, once hunted to almost extinction, have been making a comeback the last 10 years and it is reported that the number of whales coming to the Kerama Islands each year is increasing. Yay!

We got on the boat at a port in Naha and although we were the only non-Japanese speaking people, everything worked out fine. A nice Japanese lady who spoke English translated the rapid fire Japanese instructions at the start of the trip.

Since I did kinda get sea sick the last time I was on a boat I was pretty nervous I'd feel sick again, and once the boat set off and we started to hit some pretty large swells I was really happy that I just happened to have a couple Dramamine pills in my purse. The boat crew were handing out bags to barf in and (as the nice Japanese lady translated for us) we were not allowed to vom in the head because it would clog the pipes. Ick. Throwing up is bad enough, but doing it on a crowded boat with no privacy? I'll pass. Thank goodness for modern medicine. We didn't get sick at all. Score.

So, we made our way through the high seas out to the Karama Islands. Once we got there the humpback whales made their appearance pretty quickly. We saw a crap ton of whales. It was awesome! They were breaching, blowing, flipping their tails in the air and putting on a great show for us. It was beautiful. The whales seemed so friendly, coming right up beside the boat. It was like they were performing for us! When it was time to leave one whale actually swam along side the boat for a few minutes. Totally amazing!

So has anyone seen the Dane Cook skit where he is impersonating Opera? Well, we think it is hilarious, and during the skit he does this bit about humpback whales. So, we amused ourselves the whole day by saying this at random intervals:

Friday, February 11, 2011

Bubbly for a Happy Heart

Yesterday while I was getting a pedicure, looking at the sea and sipping sweet, iced green tea I came across this article in an old, summer issue of Good Housekeeping. Being as it's Valentines weekend, and we hardly need a holiday or reason anyway, I thought I would share this little gem of info with you. Cheers! Happy weekend, people!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


I've been trying to stick to my riding goal this year and lately Makoto and I have been having some very nice rides. Today, however was not one of them. Don't you just hate days when the progress seems to just pretty much disappear? Nothing motivates me more then getting new gear, weather it be running shoes, a neat water bottle or, in this case, some cool riding stuff. I bought a dressage bridle, white polo wraps and a new saddle pad to help Makoto's transformation into a dressage horse.

I was hoping to get some nice pictures of us riding in his new duds, but cest la vie. I still love him to pieces, and I know we are headed in a very good direction. He is going to be totally amazing. Here is a few from today that I can stand sharing with you: