Thursday, April 9, 2015

Our Easter Weekend Recap

We all had a wonderful, fun filled weekend and no one enjoyed it more than Paxton!  He had such a good time!

On Saturday we started off with some Play Dough and Easter Egg fun.

Paxton thought the Play Dough was all right.  But he really loved the little stickers that came with the egg kit.  He has wanted to be decorated in stickers every day since Easter.  

My favorite eggs were the ones with lots of glitter!

Paxton got a big, giant, pop up, singing card from grandma and grandpa!  He loved it!

After we cleaned up the egg stuff Paxton helped me make a pie.  I had to do something with all the freshly picked Strawberries we picked!

That afternoon we went over to the park to play before going out to dinner at a great sushi place I've been wanting to try.  

Easter morning Pax was so excited to see that the Easter Bunny had left him some fun presents!  I made pancakes and Paxton even got a cute bunny shaped one.

In his basket Pax got Play Dough, calk, bubbles, a food play set, a stretchy bug, books, a light up ball, a Green Toys recycling truck, and some Annie's treats.  

After breakfast we headed outside to enjoy the beautiful day.  We played with his new bubbles, the chalk, he rode his bike and then we walked over to the park.  

Paxton loves big boys.  He was fascinated by the boys playing basketball.  They even let Pax play with one of their extra balls.

While Pax napped I ran over to the barn and had a really nice ride!  And of course Dubby got some Easter treats too! 

When I got home Pax was just about up from his nap so we all headed down to the beach for a late afternoon playing in the sand.  Paxton is obsessed with bubbles, so I brought some along.  It was windy, so every time he would blow them I'd get bubbles all over me and he just thought it was so funny and was having the most amazing deep belly laughs.  He can do whatever he wants to me as long as I get to hear that amazing sound! 

We had a fun time playing in the sand, doing cart wheels and handstands.  It was such a nice way to finish off such a great weekend.  I hope everyone had a Happy Easter!! 

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Strawberry Picking

This afternoon we joined a couple friends up in Milton at Blue Basket Farms for strawberry picking!
The field was full of beautiful, ripe berries and we had no problem filling up our buckets.  Paxton amazingly (mostly) understood to only pick the red berries and would even pick them and then put them in the bucket.  But, once I gave him the ok to eat one all bets were off.  I think every single berry he picked went straight into his mouth.  He probably ate a pound of berries, dirt and probably a few stems.  He was covered in dirt, juice and strawberry bits! We loved this place and we can't wait to go back for blueberry picking at the end of the month.  Now I have to figure out what to make with the over 4 pounds of strawberries I came home with.

I love Eric with the strawberry sticking out of his mouth!

Sharing a berry with his buddy.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Easter - Part 2

I did the 2nd half of the Easter photos downtown on the water before we had dinner at one of our favorite spots. 

Pax loves to run around and chase the seagulls.

After Paxton decided he had had entirely too many pictures of himself taken we headed into Jaco's for dinner.  It was super windy. Check out his hair!  We love Jaco's and it's the perfect spot to get some great food, outside, right on the water.  And when there happens to be an amazing sunset that's just a bonus!

Cheers to you all! Happy Easter to you and your beautiful families!