Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pizza Night

This weekend we ventured out for some ooey-gooey delicious pizza at Bella Napoli. I've walked by this place many times on the seawall and have been tempted by the yummy Italian smells coming from this place, but yesterday was our first visit.

We started off with a nice big Italian salad and some popcorn shrimp that reminded me of bang-bang shrimp from Bonefish (at least what I remember from eating there 2.5 years ago). After that we each got 10 inch pizzas. I chose my staple margarita with fresh tomatoes and basil and Brad had the Hawaiian with pineapple and ham. Surprisingly we even had enough will power to save half of our pizzas for our lunch the next day.
This restaurant has an amazing view of the waves and ocean. I'd love to have dinner here again as the sun goes down. We were lucky enough to watch a fireworks show across the water during our dinner!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Awesome Week Recap

This has been a pretty nice week for my husband and me. Except that we had to spend the week apart. We both were working a lot, but that's not a bad thing when you love your job.
My week consisted of an easy week of lessons. I rewarded a bunch of my students with rides down to the beach. I got in some really good rides myself, which was great since I hadn't been riding very much with the show stuff going on.

Spring is in the air! I think we may be finally getting over the most rainy and grey winter ever over here. My parents sent me (and Brad) the cutest Easter basket. My parents know me all too well and were sure to pack Brad his own separate chocolate bunny. Not like my thighs actually need a whole chocolate bunny to themselves, but that's what running's for right?!

This week was our colt's 1st birthday! He's getting big so fast.

I used my post-show new found free time to relax on the balcony and read with the kitty. Yup, she's wearing a harness.

Jade is the apple of my eye. I had no idea I could love a cat so much. When my hubby is out of town she is pretty much glued to my side (or lap) and I love the company and how much she makes me laugh.

Brad, as I mentioned was away this past week on a work trip. But, check this out. This lucky duck got to fly to:
Majuro, Marshall Islands
Ohakea, New Zealand (stayed in New Palmerston North)
Pago Pago, American Samoa
Pohnpei, Micronesia

The plane kept breaking down, so the poor thing had to spend a couple down days enjoying those tropical and exotic locations. Rough life! Yes, I'm jealous. But, he was on an important check ride flight, so he was kind of stressed. He acted as the aircraft commander and planned the whole entire flight from Oki to Majuro to Tonga to New Zealand to Pago Pago to Pohnpei and back to Oki and taught a brand new co-pilot at the same time. He did pass, so he's relieved. And I'm very proud of him!

Pretty successful work week for us both I'd say.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Where I've Been

I know I promised to be better about blogging, but I was sucked into a barn black hole. I've been working my tail off the last 2 months or so. We had our Spring Show last Saturday on St. Patrick's Day so I did a whole green theme (I love themes!) and honestly I'm so relieved it's all over. I had lots of green decorations, special green horse show ribbons and metals with green neck ribbons.

We had so many events leading up to this show and it was a ton of work. We had 3 clinics for dressage, jumping and riding to music or dressage freestyle. And a clean up day when we did a ton of paining and fixing up the barn. And then we had the day of horse show prep where we got all the horses prettied up for the show. Of course, it was all worth it to see my students show off their skills. All the students did really well. The reaction from my 6 year old student, Max, when he got his blue ribbon in jumping just totally made my day. His face just lit up and he squealed and gave me a big, long hug around the waist. Worth it. And we had some amazing raffles that were donated from local vendors and we raised a lot of money for the horses.

Yesterday one of the clients said "There is just something so nice about coming to a place where everyone gets along." It's so true. I completely love all the amazing ladies I get to work with! Not only do we spend a huge amount of time at work together, but we also love to hang out outside of work too. After work drinks and dinners at each others house. Just couldn't do what I do without them, well I wouldn't enjoy it half as much!