Sunday, February 22, 2015

Land of the Giant Sun

Once again we had a glorious afternoon enjoying beautiful Pensacola Beach.  Today Brad was supposed to leave for 3 weeks, but ended up not being able to fly out because of bad weather at his destination.  Paxton refused to take an afternoon nap, so knowing he was going to be grumpy and difficult we headed out to one of his favorite places.  Who could be grumpy here?!  As the sun went down it looked completely ginormous and was so spectacular. The weather is back down in the 50s this week, so we totally took advantage of this beautiful day while it was up in the 70s!  I wish I had remembered to grab my fancy camera, because these iphone pictures, while wonderful, don't quite do it justice.  Late afternoon is my favorite time on the beach and today might have been the prettiest I've ever seen it.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Valentine's Day!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day reminding those we care about that we love them! Our day started out with some heart shaped pancakes, of course!

Brad's knee was bothering him, so he stayed home with Paxton while I went off and ran 10 miles for half marathon training.  It was such a nice day and without the stroller I was really able to pick up the pace and I had a great run!  It was a good thing I ran because we had a lot of eating in store for the rest of the day!

We all got dressed up to head downtown for an early dinner, but before we left I insisted on getting some pictures on the nice camera!

My sweet boy spoiled me with cards, a gigantic rose bouquet and a box of yummy chocolates.  How lucky am I?!

We had a great dinner at Nom Sushi and have a great time every time we eat here. Makes us reminisce about our time in Japan and traveling around Asia.

Since we had such an early dinner after Paxton went to sleep we broke out the fondue pot for some cheese fondue, bread and apples to go with our sparkling red wine while we watched a movie.

I hope you all had a fantastic day not only loving the people around you, but loving yourself too!  I indulged in some wonderful self-love the day after Valentine's Day and took an aerial yoga workshop!  Loving yourself and taking time for you is as important as taking care of others.  If anyone hasn't tried aerial yoga I urge you to do so! It's SO FUN.