Friday, April 2, 2010

Sushi and Spa

I recently went out with friends for a really fun day. We started out having lunch at a sushi place called Kami that recently opened in the American Village.

I got the sushi lunch set that came with all of this:

Then we went to:

You can read a great article and review on Okinawa Hai here as well as directions and prices. I was really excited to experience a Japanese bath house! We stayed in the outside area where it is co-ed, family oriented and non-naked. There is a regular pool, heated pool and jacuzzi. The inside area is for women only and is where women enjoy the spa in the nude. I did not experience this part of the spa this time, but maybe after a margarita I'd be less shy. Even so, it was a really fun and interesting cultural experience. Americans are such an anti-naked culture where as the Europeans and, as I just saw, the Japanese are not phased by it. So, we relaxed by the pool under the palm trees listening to the waterfall in the pool.

This was the view from my chair and the palm tree above me:

The coolest thing I got to try was Dr Fish! You put your feet in a pool with these fish that eat the dead cells off of your feet. It sounds really gross, but I had to try it. I could hardly stand it at first, the fist were so soft and slimy and tickled, but at the same time when they started nibbling it was almost like a little electric shock. So, it felt very weird! But after a minute or so I got used to it. I think it really did make my feet soft too!
We ended the day with some shaved ice and a nice soak in the heated pool. I will be coming back here for sure!


Lo said...

So many lil pics of your wittle feet

Mary and Sean said...

This looks like a fun day. I used to be the same about the Japanese style baths, but now I'm okay with them. My friend and I did a traditional one in Kyoto last week. We even sat outdoors in the cold, but it was fun and relaxing!