Monday, May 16, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away

We've been getting an awful lot of rain on Okinawa lately. Last week we had a tropical storm. It seems like it's been going on for weeks. Hello rainy season. Rain sucks a lot as is, but when you work outside it sucks even more especially when it means people won't be coming for lessons. Yesterday it down poured all day and once again all my lessons were canceled. So, the day was filled with playing with the horses and bunnies! Lots of fun.

The horses don't get a lot of turn out time as is, but when it rains they get even less. So, I turned them all out into the arena yesterday afternoon and they were running around having a blast.

They all rolled, of course, and got totally covered in wet sand. I had to give all 9 of them showers when they were done playing.

*Sky thinks he's a giraffe!

Recently some new baby bunnies were born at the barn. Ummm can you say overload of soft adorable cuteness?! These bunnies just opened their eyes. Love. Last week all the bunnies in the "bunny stall" were freed! Freedom! All the bunnies now come and go from their stall and they seem much happier. They are fast and there is lots of places to hide if something was to chase them, so I think they will be fine. They are staying close by to where they know they'll get food and water too. One night a bunny hopped into Makoto's stall and he was so careful to tiptoe around the bunny and even put his nose down to smell him. Adorable. Makoto has a little bun bun buddy.


Mary said...

So adorable! My host family just got a very little puppy... he's supercute but I think he's on his way to be a not-so-little dog before too long. :)

Kate said...

Love that video with the ponies running free!