Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New Baby Girls

I love rainy mornings. I'm currently listening to Edith Piaf, enjoying pumpkin spice coffee with my spiced pumpkin candle lit beside me and I just made pumpkin spice pancakes for breakfast. This gray, rainy day makes it almost feel kind of chilly and Fall-ish. And I got an unexpected morning off from work since most moms don't want their kids riding around in the pouring down rain. So I get to enjoy a nice, slow morning and I get to share my latest news with you ... which is...




Two beautiful baby girls came into my life last week. My co-worker and good friend Madie had Addison on Friday. I got to go visit them in the hospital on Saturday and I have to say that Addison is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen! She is so little, soft and warm. I could just cuddle her all day. So very happy for Madie and her husband, Justin!

This was also my first big shoot using my fancy camera. I totally love it. Glad I got to capture some Addison on her first day of her life.

I got Addison that headband along with a matching zebra print with hot pink trim tutu and zebra print shoes with the same hot pink poof on them. Adorable. It will be a while before she fits into them though. "Aunt Eve" plans on many future photo shoots involving Addison in pink, fluffy outfits.

And now Lucy:

On Sunday the barn owner delivered a very special bundle to the barn. We got a 2 month old baby piglet who I promptly named Lucy. I have wanted a pig for a very long time and I am overjoyed! She is pink, playful and curious. I spend most of my free time with her now! She will grow up to be a very large piggie. I'm not exactly sure if the owner plans on eating her... I sure hope not because I'm overly attached already. I don't eat pork, haven't in a long time, and pretty sure after this I never will.

When she first got to the barn the owner put her in this awful little wire cage. She had to sit on the metal and had no room to move and I felt so bad for her. I knew there was no way I would sleep at night knowing she was in that cage, so I moved her into the back of the barn to an unused stall. She now has room to move and play and sleep comfortably on the stall mats and shavings. Like most babies, she sleeps a lot! I'm going to get her a harness and so I can walk her around and let her get out into the grass and sunshine.

I'm having fun bringing her food and treats. She has tried watermelon, cantaloupe, carrots, peanuts, raisins and apricots. She is a fan of watermelon for sure. Check out the video:

I'm totally in love with these new baby girls in my life!


Kate said...

What great pics, Evie! You're got the eye, my friend. Can't wait until we can go out taking pictures together!

Julie said...

Wow, babies, babies, everywhere! How fun for you. Madie's Addison is absolutely adorable. What a sweetheart. She will be so beautiful in all her hot pink goodies. Will Madie be coming back to the barn?

So wonderful that your apartment is now taking kitties. I thought maybe this one was smuggled in, so good to know you get to keep her. Little Grace, like a bundle from heaven! Have a fantastic time mothering all of these sweet animals.