Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Au revoir

I cannot believe that I will be here soon!

I fly out today and am meeting my sister (who is backpacking through Western Europe for 3 months).  We start off in Paris then we'll be traveling to Dijon, Lyon, the French Alps, Nice, Marseilles, and Bordeaux.  

I am beyond excited.  France has been one of those magical, have to go there places for me for as long as I can remember.  These next 3 weeks are going to be incredible! 

This will be a very different travel experience for me, that's for sure.  I've never backpacked, stayed in hostels or gone to Europe. I don't have a single pair of high heels packed. In fact I'm not confident at all about my backpack packing skills and have no idea how I will deal with carrying this huge thing around a country.  I've tried to stick to the bare minimum and will probably be washing clothes by hand at night at the hostel.  So, I'm in for a totally new travel experience! So excited and glad my sister is letting me come along for this portion of her trip. 

See you all again in 3 weeks when I'm back.  I'll have tons of France stories and pictures to share!

Wish me luck!  

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