Friday, June 14, 2013

Do they know?

Have you ever heard that animals know when you're pregnant?  I've read that dolphins are able to detect the fetal heartbeat and get totally enamored with pregnant ladies.  A friend told me that her horse wrapped it's head/neck around her belly strangely one day and she didn't understand what he was doing.  Then a few days later she discovered she was pregnant.  I've definitely had horses seem very interested in my belly.  Softly nuzzling it and sometimes go so far as not wanting to leave me alone!  It really is like they know. 

My cat, Jade, is another animal that makes me wonder if she knows I'm an expectant mama.  Starting very early off she would come drape herself across my belly.  Jade isn't usually a super lap cat, but my whole pregnancy she has consistently shown interest in my belly and comes and lays on it frequently.  I always wonder how she can be comfortable laying on my lumpy baby-full belly with him squirming and kicking underneath her.  But, she never seems to mind.  In fact it's the opposite, she goes fast to sleep.  Weather she's able to detect the baby or not it sure has been super sweet to sit or lay quietly as I absorb all the kitten love and baby movements. 

I've never been a cat person before.  I probably would have said "I hate cats" and totally never saw myself with one.  But, this cat is special and she's totally stolen my heart.  I found her tiny puffball baby self at the barn in Okinawa and rescued her.  Since my dog passed away last year I really want to get a puppy, but that will have to wait a bit until I get the new baby thing under control.  I would have a whole zoo of adopted animals if Brad didn't constantly tell me no! 

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Mary said...

This is one of the cutest things I have ever seen.