Friday, June 13, 2014

11 months

Ok this post is way overdue.  But, it's only because I'm in complete denial that I will have a ONE year old in just 2 weeks.  We are in full birthday mode over here and I'm making a huge, gigantic deal out of Paxton's first birthday.  Our house may already be fully decked out in multiple Happy Birthday signs and decorations.  

But, of course I can't let Paxton's 11 month birthday go by the wayside.  So, here he is all his huge, chunky glory. 

This kid is in full exploration mode.  It took Pax longer to crawl than most babies due to his massive bulk, but he's on the move now.  He is so big and strong and anything and everything doesn't stand a chance in his wake.  He has pretty much destroyed his playroom, ripping down shelves, his magnetic chalkboard and pretty much anything else that he can get his mitts on.  He's in that awesome "puppy stage" as my sister calls it. It's his world and I'm just living in it.  All my things are his, especially my phone, remote, electrical cords, food (including the cats food), the trash cans, plastic bags and trash inside the trash cans ... oh the list could go on and on.  I am overjoyed and beyond grateful for the playroom that I can just put him in there, close the gates and let him go to town on trying to cover every square inch of the floor in toys.

 Last month I joined a gym.  They of course have a Kids Zone otherwise I would never be able to go work out.  After a somewhat up and down rough start it seems like we are on the upswing again at the Kids Zone.  He seems to just LOVE it and really has a good time crawling all over the floor, exploring all the different toys and "playing" with the other kids. 

In the last month Paxton had his first cold (which he caught from me) and then a few weeks later he had his first fever that ended in a rash (which I then caught from him). Sick babies are the saddest things ever and taking care of a sick baby when you are sick yourself is a whole new kind of miserable. I took him to the pediatrician for his strange fever illness and he weighed in at 28.1 lbs and 31.3" long!!

I've moved him to one nap a day.  This is a huge deal and I feel like it gives me SO much more flexibility and time to go out and do stuff during the day. 

 He's eating big people food like a champ. He loves yogurt, bananas, broccoli, egg yolk, spaghetti, and pretty much any fruity squeeze pouches. He of course loves puffs and mum mums and creamies.  He's pretty easy to please at this point.  He's down to getting 2 bottles a day, one right before his nap and one before bed.  I'm still pumping, but am down to only 2ce a day!  I feel ready to be done, soon.

 Seriously, this boy is such a joy.  He's so much fun and his personality comes out more and more every day. 

In addition to getting ready for Paxton's first birthday party next weekend, we are getting excited to head up to Maine to visit my parents at their lake cabin for 2 weeks.  We are going to spend Paxton's birthday, my 30th birthday and the 4th of July there and I can't think of a better way to celebrate. 

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