Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pizza in Paradise

Pizza for me in the states usually consisted of a last resort dinner from the freezer section, take out or if I'm feeling really lazy, dinner delivered to my door step. However, here on Okinawa, the pizza is worth getting up off the couch, going for a drive and there is no freezer burn involved. The delicious pizza and amazing views at Pizza in the Sky is something I've been looking forward to experiencing for as almost as long as I've been looking forward to Okinawa. It did not disappoint.

The drive up north was so beautiful and I finally got to see the blue and green tropical water. Pizza in the Sky had it all. Panoramic ocean view, beautiful gardens and awesome food. We ordered salad and two small pizzas off of the menu fan (one side of the fan was in Japanese, the other in English). The ingredients were so fresh and flavorful, not overloaded with grease and salt. The pizzas were not of the kind you find in the States and didn't have topping choices that most of us are used to, but had the same cheesy, gooey deliciousness and soft inside, crispy outside crust. The pizzas came one way, with everything, but with Brad's handy Japanese skills we were able to order one without meat for me. Toppings included corn, garlic, green and red peppers, onions, bacon and sausage. We ate slowly, took in the ocean air and the beauty around us. It was perfect!

And take a look at these beauties! I love flowers!


Becca Runs Sometimes said...

Oooh, I love your flower pics! Those bottlebrush trees grow very well here in San Diego, as do the Lantana and Hibiscus :) Love them all. Why do you not have a cold beer by your hand? :) You guys look very happy.

Eve said...

haha thanks Becca! I love all of the flowers and plants here. Flowers are everywhere, even growing up out of the sidewalk. Okinawa has really strict laws about having anything to drink and driving, so I was cautious and just had a few sips of his. :o)