Thursday, March 25, 2010

Two of my favorite places so far

The first place is a wonderful, trendy, loungy bagel shop called Cactus Eatrip. It's right off of the main road, 58, and while it doesn't look like much from the outside, inside it is wonderful. They have Delicious homemade, fresh bagels with flavors like oreo, cheese curry, black pepper and my favorite, tomato basil. They have a great menu with sandwiches like roasted chicken, avocado, hummus veggie and my favorite, sun dried tomato and garlic herb. And they have a huge list of yummy cream cheeses and spreads as well as coffees and teas. Once you order you can relax in the comfy lounge chairs or piles of pillows in the booth with a tree growing out of the center of the table as relaxing music from local artists plays in the background. It is quite a nice atmosphere, and the food is fresh and delicious. I've been here 3 times already!
Off of 58 near the HWY 81 intersection Leon Eri Dance Studio. Keep an eye out for a pink-ish building with a sign with a cartoon bagel.
The parking area is really small. So you might find that when you pull up someone will come out move cars around for you to make some room and in turn they might ask for your car keys to move your car a little bit.
Hours: 11am to 9pm; closed Wednesdays

The second is Cocok's Nail Salon. I've had my share of amazing pedicures at salons and spas in the states, but wow, this pedicure blew them all out of the water. I have been looking forward to getting a Japanese pedicure and the beautiful nail art since I first heard about it soon after we found out we were moving. We went to the location on the seawall and from my chair I could look out at the ocean and enjoy the ocean breeze blowing in. We were brought delicious sweet green tea and books of nail designs to pick which design we wanted. The best part of the pedicure was the loooong, relaxing and amazing lower leg and foot massage that incorporated massage, pressure points and reflexology. I was in heaven! Then each one of my toes got a little work of art painted on and I have to say, my feet have never felt or looked better.


GUAMtastic said...

There is nowhere on Guam that makes bagels... Might mean a trip to Okinawa is necessary! :)

Becca Runs Sometimes said...

Looks like fun! And your toes are so pretty!

Mary said...

So what is an Eatrip? :)