Sunday, September 19, 2010

Eisa Festival

Last weekend we went over to Koza Park near Kadena Gate 2 Street and went to the Eisa Festival. It was incredible getting to experience the culture of the Okinawan people and celebrate at this festival with them. We had a ball watching the drummers, dancers and listening to the live traditional music.

"Eisa is a traditional dance using drums which was originally performed during Japan's summer obon observance to welcome and console the souls of ancestors. The dance can be seen throughout the Okinawan islands however it flourishes particularly in Okinawa City and the central part of Okinawa Island. Dancers traditionally wear colourful and exotic costumes typical of the southern islands. The main attraction is the powerful performances of well synchronised dancing, drumming and chanting of the larger dance teams - some of which have as many as 100 members. Eisa is becoming well known across Japan as an heroic and traditional dance form which conveys the Okinawa spirit."

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Mary said...

So much fun! And if Brad needs the Beer Hat, you *definitely* need the Horse Hat just above. Your kids will love it!