Sunday, July 31, 2011

Work Shoes

This is what took over my life last week:
Horse Summer Camp! It was a lot of work, but worth every minute. The kids are so dang cute!

So, my running totally took a nose dive last week. I was going to run early yesterday morning, but I got to talk to my sweet husband on skype for a whole 50 minutes, that's the longest we've been able to talk so far! And skype was working reasonably well for once so I wasn't missing half of what he was saying. So, my time avalible to run got shorter and also later in the day so it was hot as blazes outside. I ran along the road, mistake #1, where is was even hotter and Okinawa seriously needs to get on the tree band waggon. I need some shade, people! After feeling like I'm going to die and soaked like I just jumped into a pool of hot water after 4 miles I called it quits. Some days are just not going to be good runs.

I did however do one of my favorite things this morning though! I ordered new running shoes. I've mentioned before how I'm huge Asics Gel Nimbus fans and so I bought the 13s. I could feel how my current shoes were just breaking down and not giving me what I need in the foot department. Any runners out there have a problem with the side of their big toe rubbing and hurting? It's only on my right foot.

I also bought new hiking boots for my upcoming Mt. Fuji hike. I hope they come quick so I can break them in!

Speaking of foot hell, I'm breaking in my new riding boots this week too. Ouch!

Don't you just love new shoes!

Mountain Horse Victoria Dressage Boots
Hi-Tec Light Hiking Boots in Grey/Violet
Asics Gel Nimbus 13 Running Shoe (in pink of course)

And since we can't have all work (shoes) and no play: BCBG Ballet Pump in blush - I had to just throw these babies in. I got them and this hot little pink BCBG dress while I was in the states. That store is a little slice of my heaven.

Time for me to get off to work. We have a big field trip of kids coming out today!


Turner3109 said...

Fasionista in work and play, I am impressed and in awe. ;)

Julie said...

Holy horse camp! That's a lot of students you got there. I bet they kept you very busy.
How nice you were able to chat with Brad so long. Mike and I need to get back on with him. We don't want to take the time from you, so we are happy to hang back and chat a bit later or on Facebook.
With my baby toenails that grow up like a volcano and are very easily irritated, I feel your pain. But the shoes are screaming beautiful!