Friday, August 17, 2012

Cat lady

I had heard about this crazy cat lady heaven for a while now, but finally decided to venture out and see this unique and strange little place for myself. 

Basically this cat lady collected a shit ton of cats, the way cat ladies do, and then decided to let people pay to pet them and she'll bring you a juice/coffee/tea while you play.  The "set" was something like 750 yen for an hour.  And you go in, put slippers on and proceed to have free rein with this horde of fluffy, lazy kitties.  There happened to be a tiny kitten in residence when I went and I about flipped my lid over this thing and wanted to put it in my purse for Jades new play friend, but Brad, the voice of reason said that the cat lady may just be crazier than I am.  Which is probably true. 

No, in reality, the place was super funny and strange, but sweet.  This lady takes in all these cats (and trust me there are so many homeless animals on this island) and she treats them really well.  She has created her own little cat haven with all kinds of fun toys, beds, baskets and the cats seemed really happy there.  The cats were clean, well fed and just plain happy.  And the cat lady was really sweet too.  You can tell she REALLY loves these cats.  Brad was such a good sport going along with me to this place! 
Funny little place for my fellow cat ladies out there. 

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