Friday, November 30, 2012


This week we celebrated at Brad's squadrons USMC Birthday Ball.  I didn't go last year because Brad was deployed, so I was looking forward getting dressed up and going this year.  I ended up deciding to get my hair and makeup done this year.  She curled my hair and the curls managed to stay in all night, this never happens when I do it.  And I did love how she did my eyes, fake eyelashes and all.  Unfortunately getting my hair and makeup done almost made me late, so when I got home I literally only had 10 minutes to pull my dress on.   My favorite thing I wore were new shoes I bought the morning of the ball.  They were gray, lacy and with a big bow on the toe and I just loved them. 

At a friends house before the ball.  Taking some silly pictures!

All the officers (Brad far right)

Me (far right) with some amazing usmc wife friends.

The whole night actually ended up being quite nice and and we had a great time!

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