Thursday, February 14, 2013

Half way

Wishing you all a very happy Valentines Day!  Yesterday was our 20 week anatomy scan.  My baby is quite a mover and the tech had a hard time getting pictures of our "hyper" dude.  His arms and legs were going, he was flipping positions left and right and up and down.  Apparently he has lots of room to play.  When I saw him move hand to his mouth and suck his thumb I totally lost it.  I was a crying, emotional mess up on the table blabbering something about "oh my goodness, oh my goodness, he's really real. That's my baby."  I assured the tech I was fine and to keep going, so he offered me a tissue and didn't seem to mind my emotional outbursts after that.  I think I said "this is amazing" and "oh wow, I love him" about a 500 times.  I got to count his 5 fingers and toes, I got to see his perfect, pouty lips and little nose, I got to see him open and close his mouth and even yawn, I got to see his little 4 chambered heart.  I was a smiley, heart melted puddle of happy mush by the time they told me (after about 1.5 hours!) that they were done. This is a totally different extremely special new kind of love!

Also, I got to see and was told that yes, he is 100% a boy.  I'm pretty sure we've decided on a name - Paxton Connor!  I hope that Paxton is original enough that there won't be many, or any, other Paxton's in his school class, but not weird enough that people will think "oh wow what were you thinking." I love the X and like simple one syllable names, and Pax is a great nickname.  Pax means peace in Latin and that is kind of perfect for me.  This baby has brought so much peace to my mind, body and soul.  Brad loved 2 syllable names that ended in -ton.  And, Connor is a name very special to me and my family.  It was not easy for us to decide on a name.  And I feel like it's a huge responsibility to name someone for the rest of eternity.  I went through the baby name book over and over.  We had a lot of good ones on the list, but this one was just "it" as soon as I suggested it. I think we've found the name for our son! 

We are going to do his room in a moon/stars/outer space theme and I can't wait to get into our new house to start getting everything ready for him.  I'm having fun scouring Pinterest for nursery ideas. 

My friends sent the invites out for my baby shower!  I've put adorable things on my registry.  We're researching strollers and car seats... sometimes this whole thing still feels like a dream.  I can't believe I'm going to get to be the mommy of the amazing, beautiful baby boy in my ultrasound pictures.  It's so awesome!! 

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Julie said...

Oh Eve, I can just feel your passion and love for our little grandson. This is a dream come true. What a lovely family. We are all so blessed. Can't wait for a July visit and to move back to the east coast. Mike and I can zip down and watch Paxton while you and Brad have a date night! So exciting. We love all so very much.