Friday, March 1, 2013

Suprise Going Away Party

Last weekend I was totally surprised when my friends at the stable threw me a wonderful going away party.  Brad was totally in on it and made up a excuse to why we needed to be at the base by the barn on a Saturday and I totally bought it, but when he turned into the barn instead everyone was there in the driveway holding up balloons and a sign.  I was so shocked, happy and totally emotional.  It was the last thing I was expecting.  (You can really tell I wasn't expecting to be at the barn that day by my totally inappropriate barn outfit.)
Everyone in the driveway welcoming me.

The barn owner giving me a going away present - Okinawan Shisa Dogs.

My wonderful co-workers who put it all together - Karin, me, Aimee and Amanda.

Adorable, yummy cupcakes that say "We will miss you Eve"

Me and one of my favorite little boys on the planet and my former student, Max!

I love these precious girls so very much!
Awesome collage frame present with pictures from all 3 years of me and my favorite horse.

Giving my good friend Karin a big thank you hug!
The day was so special.  The girls decorated with pink and blue balloons and colorful tissue paper flowers.  They grilled chicken and everyone brought yummy sides and salads.  They were so sweet to make sure the food was full of fruit, veggies and beef/pork/processed meat free.  I could eat everything!  The whole thing was just amazing.  I felt so loved and appreciated.  I really did work super hard out at that barn for 3 years and it was so special that people let me know I meant as much to them as they do to me.  It will be really hard to leave all these amazing people I've grown so attached to. 

I've learned a lot, I've grown a lot, and I have made memories (good and bad) that I will never forget at this barn.  I don't think I've ever worked harder or been more invested at any job before.  I feel very grateful and lucky to have had this experience and to have gained life long friends in the process. 

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