Friday, April 5, 2013

23 - 27 week bump update

March has flown by!  We had a really busy month.  We moved from Okinawa back to the States.  We visited my parents for 3 weeks, we had a lot of fun seeing friends and really enjoy being back in America!  A few days ago we drove from VA to FL and are currently house hunting.  So, I have some catching up to do with my blog.

It's been a while since I've done a baby bump update!  
23 week picture is from our last day in Okinawa. 
Still loving my runs at 6 months!
25 weeks in DC
26 weeks in mom and dads living room.
A picture from today in our Pensacola extended stay hotel.

How Far Along: 27 weeks.  3rd trimester!!
Size of baby: Head of cauliflower, 16 inches, 2.5 lbs.
Total Weight Gain: my belly has gotten SO big over the last couple weeks.  Getting on the scale at my Dr appointment on Tues is not going to be fun.
Maternity Clothes:  Yup, pretty much only in maternity clothes at this point. I've been able to shop at maternity stores now that I'm back in the States and my neighbor gave me some great maternity clothes last week.
Movement: Baby Boy is super active and getting pretty strong.  I LOVE it.
Exercise: While I was visiting my parents in VA I went to my dads gym and kept up with my cardio, free weights and classes like cycle.  I'm still running quite a bit, but keeping the distances down.  Doing about 5 miles max, but super proud I'm still able to run 8 min miles!  I really enjoyed going for walks with my mom.
Sleep:  Sleep is pretty good. I'm not needing naps most days, but I'm usually ready for bed by 10pm. Some mornings I wake up really early and can't go back to sleep, but really can't complain.
What I miss:  I must think about drinking a margarita at least a couple times every day.
Cravings:  When I was home I would go into Whole Foods and just pretty much walk awe struck down the aisle lovingly putting organic thing after organic thing into my cart.  I love America! 
Symptoms: My belly is getting SO big.  I have a lot of really unattractive blue veins that have appeared on my boobs, tummy and thighs.  I hear these are temporary thank the lord.  I'm super-duper hot and sweaty majority of the time.  Sitting for long periods of time makes the middle of my back ache.  But, really I've been so lucky and I've been feeling so awesome.  And no stretch marks yet!
Best moment this week monthMom threw me a baby shower tea and I'll do a post on it soon. I loved being back in the States and getting to see my parents and friends. 
What I’m looking forward to:  Finding a new place to live, getting a new doctor, and not having to live out of a suitcase anymore.

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