Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Baby Shower Tea

My wonderful mother offered to throw me a baby shower tea while I was home visiting last month for my local friends and neighbors.  Since I love France so much she did a Provence theme.  I even found an awesome bakery to make us pretty French macarons.  We had iced teas, sparkling water, mimosas and a selection of hot teas.  We had lots of yummy foods like finger sandwiches, pastries and French cheeses.  Yum!

Paxton and I were showered with so much love.  He got a ton of wonderful things.

My friend Jules that I hadn't seen in years!

Long, long time bff Jess.

Alexis came all the way down from MA!
Aliya, me, Kate and Kaitlin

Me and my amazing, beautiful mommy.  This was at the end of the party.  If she looks tired, she probably was.  She worked so hard to make my day special. 
It was totally amazing to have so many of my favorite people together in one place.  I'm so lucky to have so many incredible people to support me and my growing family. 


Kaitlin said...

Was great to see you! What a beautiful shower. Can't wait to see pics of your little man when he arrives!

curtis03 Lewis said...

Wow, this baby shower tea party setup was just too good. Your mom’s decorations are wonderful!! For my daughter’s baby shower I have also been gathering loads of ideas online. Have downloaded many printables too for the Disney themed party. Now just need to book one of the most affordable rental spaces for parties.