Monday, January 20, 2014

Paxton's new playroom

After Christmas I set out to transform our barely used front room into a playroom for Paxton.  I had a lot of fun creating a fun space for my boy to learn and grow.  I love how it turned out and I love spending the majority of our day here. 

Paxton isn't crawling yet, but we installed extra wide and tall baby gates at either end of the room.  He has a cozy reading nook with a PBK anywhere chair and racks for his books.  My parents gifted us the wonderful Exersaucer and Pax spends a good chunk of time bouncing and staring out the window in that thing.  He loves it.  The playmat is a huge staple and he's been on that thing practically since birth and we still always start our mornings with some quiet play time there.  He's not ready for the magnetic chalkboard yet, but it's all set for him when he gets a little older.  There are storage cups underneath for the magnetic numbers and letters and chalk.  The tree is a Readwood growth chart and we will enjoy watching the marks move up and up that tree as he grows.  The kite was a gift from my parents and I think it adds a fun element to his room, especially since Brad's a pilot.  I love the art cable where we can display is little crafts. 


 The toy storage was created from hand-me-down furniture and colorful plastic bins.  I bought a slip cover for our old couch that can easily be taken off for washing after what is sure to be lots of spit up, drooling and other messy things happening on that couch.  The chevron pillows are covers that can easily be thrown in the wash as well.  I love the art in the room that I ordered from Etsy and the bunting too.  The rug seems durable and pretty soft and I love the fun colors.  Since we decided not to paint any of the walls in this rental house I wanted to be sure to brighten up the room with fun colors. 

I LOVE this "Oh the places you'll go" map!

All of the items (and ideas) for Paxton's playroom can be found on my Playroom Pinterest Board -

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