Saturday, January 3, 2015

Just your typical Saturday morning

It was warm, but very gray and foggy when we left our house on Saturday morning.  When we got down to the beach it was gorgeous! We did a nice and easy 3 mile run on a path along the beach.  I didn't even bring my sunglasses because I was sure I wouldn't need them, but the sun was out and it actually felt hot! After our run we all had some fun in the sun and sand.

Our little Florida baby loves the beach!!

While Paxton was busy playing in the sand I got to work on my yoga inversions!  I've become obsessed with learning how to do head and handstands.  Forearm stand coming soon I hope!

Brad got in on the fun!

And then with the iphone timer we had a good laugh taking these!!

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Anonymous said...

So impressive! I wish I could have abs like that!