Monday, October 10, 2011

And We're Back

Oh my goodness. I swear I'm still here, alive and kickin'! Sorry about the disappearing act, but my life has been taken over by the horses the last few weeks. I am usually totally busy before a horse show, but this time I was stretched to the limit with 4 horses hurt requiring hours of daily care and a packed lesson schedule. I was getting far too good at giving injections, soaking hooves in buckets and wrapping standing wraps on horses legs while they were on stall rest. Ugh! But, we are out of the woods now for the most part.

I have so much blogging to catch up on. So many new posts are in the future. But, I just had to share this highlight with you. Makoto, my favorite horse at the barn, is better. He had a horrible abscess in his back hoof. Got a horrible infection requiring rounds of antibiotics and steroid injections. We battled it out daily with me forcing him to soak his foot in a bucket of epsom salts and water and him completely refusing to keep his foot in the bucket and him refusing to hold his hoof up for cleaning and wrapping (he did slightly get used to this eventually over the weeks). About 2 weeks ago I found a stick about an inch and a half long stuck in the frog of his hoof. Yup, that was the culprit. I got that bugger out and Makoto improved the next day, and the day after and the day after. He had been on stall rest for quite a while and when I finally let him out he was so adorably happy. Grabbing up mouth fulls of grass between kicking up his heels and squeals of joy.

Last week I let him run around the arena needing no encouragement from me. He was feeling so much better! He would gallop around, stop, roll and get up and gallop some more. Made my whole heart swell with love for this amazing, beautiful horse.

Then yesterday, after a month of fighting daily for him to get better, I finally got to ride him again.

It was just a little baby ride to see how he would do, but he was completely sound and feeling great. I was smiling ear to ear, so incredibly happy to have "my horse" back. I'm elated.

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Becca said...

Awww. What a little sweetie pie! And what a great story...You are one determined woman...and I feel tired wrestling my 10 month old :)