Friday, October 14, 2011

Riding Workshops

In preparation for the Fall Horse Show we held a couple of workshops to help the riders get ready. The horse show judge gave the students some advice and pointers on what she would be looking for on show day. I think the kids really benefited from these rides and I think they had a lot of fun too!

The jumping workshop went off without a hitch. The horses and riders rode through a jump course that was very similar to the course planned for the show. All the rides went well, we stayed pretty much on schedule and the horses were well behaved.

The dressage workshop the next weekend was a different story. Essa was extremely sick at the start of this clinic and I was dealing with getting the rides out for Alexis, helping all the kids, dealing with Essa's colic and a million other things at one time. We got about half way through this chaotic clinic before it became obvious that Essa was not getting better, but worse and that the kids needed to leave right away. And I've already told you the sad outcome of that day. Poor Essa, I miss him every day. So the last half of the dressage clinic was made up the following week. Despite the Essa situation the rides went well and all the riders got to practice their dressage tests.

I never thought I could ever have this much fun working!

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