Thursday, October 13, 2011

Okinawan Afternoon

Last month (yes, I am so totally behind on blogging) a friend of mine asked for company as she went shopping for items to re-do her living room. I gladly went along and offered my advice that we go to Nitori. Nitori is like a Japanese Ikea and I had been meaning to figure out where it was and check it out. Nitori was pretty easy to find and offered up tons of ideas for making our Okinawa houses comfortable homes away from home. I relaly need to go back over there and order some of their custom made curtains for my apartment.

We also went to a home store in Awase and it was a massive furniture store. I couldn't help giggling at the tiny Japanese style furniture, couches and chairs. They looked like children's furniture. But, the Japanese are much better at conserving space than Americans are.

After all that shopping my friend and I were hungry for lunch. I took her to a place I had been a few times before and totally love. Green Green is tucked back in a neighborhood and offers beautiful views of the green jungle trees from their large deck. The menu is limited, but I always get their Pho and lovelovelove it. My friend enjoyed their green curry. We splurged on dessert and split the apple pie a la mode. Amazing!

Such a fun afternoon out shopping and enjoying the company of a good friend!

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Mary said...

Every time you make an Oki post it makes my heart dance a little. Two months and one day now!