Sunday, April 22, 2012

Beach Horseback Riding Photo Shoot

On Easter this year my instructor friends and I decided to get together and do a photo shoot with our favorite horses on the beach.  Alexis wanted to trash her wedding dress and so Madie and I decided to join in on the fun.  The night before felt a little like prepping for a show, getting Makoto all polished up and beautiful.  A makeup artist came out to the barn and transformed our early morning faces into masterpieces (thank you, Summer!) and Chris Wilson of Travel 67 Photography was so fun to work with.  I've worked with Chris before, providing horses for his model shoots, and it was great to be in front of the camera this time, especially on Makoto.  At this point I feel so incredibly comfortable on Makoto and even his occasional antics don't worry me too much anymore.  I feel like we've come to a sort of agreement and he has just decided to let me smother him with love and be ok with it.  So, even barefoot, with no helmet, and in a skirt, I felt totally comfortable galloping down the beach. He and Sky were such good boys! 

I had so much fun doing this with a photographer I felt comfortable with, a horse I totally love, and my good girlfriends laughing and making funny remarks the whole time.  Since Alexis was trashing her wedding dress her husband came out in his uniform and they got some really cute shots together.  Sky even allowed them to ride double for a bit.  Seeing that, Madie and I decided to get a couple shots together on Makoto.  Alexis moved to back to the states yesterday, so it is so great to have taken these pictures before she left. 

We had a blast and I would do it again in a heartbeat.  Maybe I'll have Chris out again to take some pictures of Makoto doing dressage!

I popped Makoto over some jumps last week.  It is so fun to get to work with such a talented dressage AND jumping horse.  And one that I can gallop down the beach.  Love him!

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