Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I love you, Sparkle Pup

Tomorrow it will have been a week and I still can't write this post. I can't face it and I can't stop crying when I think about what happened. That my little angel is gone. Stolen from me. Taken suddenly and violently. I am shaking typing this. I can't stop the sobs. It is all too much still.

My pup was attacked and murdered by another dog. Sparky is gone. I had no idea how physically painful loss can be. How completely devastating this feeling is.

Sparky was 13 and lived a long, happy life surrounded by people who loved him. I begged and pleaded for a dog growing up and by some small miracle I was allowed to get Sparky. I remember holding him when he was a few days old, a tiny little thing with his eyes still closed, and I remember bringing him home for the first time, a fluffy bundle of energy. I remember everything and will always treasure what I had with him. He brought so much laughter, joy, and happiness into our family.

Some day I'm sure it will get easier, I will be able to get through the day with out heart wrenching meltdowns, but until then I believe Sparky deserves to be mourned. I loved him deeply. He was a wonderful, good dog and I will miss him.

My talented writer sister wrote a lovely blog on Sparky and says the things I want to say so well: http://sakartvelogirl.blogspot.jp/2012/04/saying-goodbye.html

Oh man, my heart hurts.


Aliya said...

Three cheers to Sparkle Pup!!! May he be running around freely and rolling in hills of dog bones :) Thinking of you, sweets!

Becca said...

Oh...So sorry to hear you lost such a a treasure. What a great life you gave each other. What a sweet tribute video.

Mary said...

I am crying my eyes out. What a beautiful way to honor him. You said so much in that video. And he will stay with us, always.