Monday, March 4, 2013

Papaya - 22 weeks

Feb 27 - March 5
How Far Along: 22 weeks
Size of baby: a papaya, 8 in, 1.2 lbs
Total Weight Gain:
Maternity Clothes: I'm still wearing the same things.  Lots of skirts and dresses. Looking forward to doing a little shopping when I get back stateside! 
Gender:  I've got a wild man in there.  He's a mover.
Movement: No doubt about it. 
Exercise: I'm walking and running mostly these days.  We've only had one car, so I haven't been getting over to yoga class very much and we've been so busy with this stinkin' move that I've been exhausted.  I will be so happy when this move is over.
Sleep:  He's active when I first lay down to go to sleep and I love falling asleep with a smile on my face and a hand on my belly.  And usually right after I wake up and start moving a bit he'll move around and it's an awesome start to the day.  Blissful.  
What I miss:  I want a margarita!  And I would love to run with out feeling like I'm going to pee my pants.
Cravings:  Apples.  Going to FINALLY get a granny smith apple in t-minus FIVE days.  And since we have practically nothing in our apartment since the movers came I'm really missing my fruit and spinach smoothies, and eggs... and cooking food in general. I'm eating a lot of salads this week which is good.
Symptoms:  Everything is getting bigger.  And I'm hot.  Pretty much always unless I have control over the AC/fans/windows.  It's terrible.  Everyone will be fine and I'm like "Can I open a window? Can we turn the AC up?" as I'm sweating rivers.  Poor Brad woke up the other morning with icy hands and my cat had freezing cold little ears and feet.  I was comfortable. I felt so bad! And I'm usually always cold.  NOT excited to see how I'll like being 9 mo pregnant in the middle of FL summer.  
Best moment this week:  My baby shower!  I'll post on this soon.  And I did a lil mid-pregnancy photo shoot and I can't wait to see how the pictures turned out!
What I’m looking forward to:  We move back to the States on SATURDAY!!!  I can't wait to run around the lake, eat at all the fantastic American restaurants, go shopping in actual stores I want to shop in, I can't wait to go shopping in an American grocery store that isn't the commissary... ok you get the idea.  Mostly I can't wait to give my mom and dad a big hug when I see them this weekend.  We'll be staying with them in VA for a few weeks before we go down to FL. 

Since I haven't posted belly pics in a few weeks on here:
Seeing these pictures off of my iphone makes me realize how terrible my iphone has gotten.  Please excuse the grainy, slightly blurry pictures!  So excited to get my new iphone 5 next week! But, you get the idea.  I finally look a little pregnant.  I'm pretty sure I can still hide it though depending on what I wear.  While my belly button has been out since about 18 weeks my belly itself has taken awhile to pop, but it's finally getting out there a bit.  I like to joke that I am carrying the baby in my butt because that's what's really expanding the most.  So after 5 months of being pregnant but not showing it's fun to finally look the part!

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