Thursday, February 13, 2014

7 months!

 Every month on the 27th, another sticker goes on and I try and wrap my brain around how fast my baby is growing and how fast time is flying!  He is 25 lbs and in 18 month clothes.  He is one BIG boy and we couldn't be happier or more in love. 


He's still not crawling yet.  He still likes standing and playing in the jump-jump.  We spend a lot of time in his new playroom and exploring all his cool toys and reading books.  He is still pretty good in his car seat and we even took a 3 hour road trip last weekend. It's incredible how alert and how interested he is in everything and other people.  It's so incredible to watch this little baby develop a personality and become his own little person.

He just got his 2 front teeth, so he has 4 total.  He has started trying foods and seems to like it, but only eats a little bit and mostly plays with it. He breastfeeds a lot and that is still going well.  He likes taking a bottle and likes to hold it himself.  Since he would only nurse on the right I pumped the left for 6 months.  Sometime last month I gradually did it less and less and then one day I didn't pump at all.  I LOVE being done pumping.  I have a massive breast milk collection stored up in the deep freezer and now I have 2 very lopsided boobs, which is annoying and not the most attractive thing ever, but it sure beats pumping and nothing beats doing what's best for my boy. 

Brad was gone for work for 3 weeks and my amazing, wonderful parents drove all the way down to be with Pax and I for 2 weeks.  It was awesome! I'll do a whole post about all the fun things we did later.  They got to be here for his 7 month birthday.

I'm pretty sure Paxton gets the chunkiest baby award.  He is just roll after roll of squishy happiness.  I am one lucky mama!!

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