Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Mom and Dads Visit

Brad was gone for 3 weeks in January and my amazing parents drove all the way down from VA to be with Pax and me for 2 of those weeks.  It's always awesome to spend time with them, but having them here when I would be by myself otherwise was extra nice!   We did so many fun things that I rarely get to do now like eating out, going to the movies and I even got to enjoy rare things like getting to go for a run all by myself and solo shopping trips.

 My parents are SO good with Pax and I just know he loves them to pieces. 

 We did so many fun things like walks around the neighborhood and trips to the park. 

 We went to the farmers market where my parents got tons of treats and yummy things.  Afterwards we had great lunch out at the Leisure Club. 
  It was a little chilly, but we still got to do some relaxing and wine drinking by the pool.

 One nice afternoon we headed out to the beach for a seafood lunch at Crabs.

 Even doing every day things like shopping was made special with them here. 
 One of their last nights here we had a wonderful dinner out at the Wine Bar.  It was a huge treat to get dressed up, wear high heels and eat fancy, yummy food. 

My parents spoiled me a ton with all the help with the baby and fun things we did!  My sister and I are so lucky to have these incredible, giving and amazing people as our parents. 

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