Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My heart

Paxton is already wooing the ladies... and pretty much anyone else he comes into contact with.  My lil stud muffin is quite the charmer.  This year was probably the best Valentine's Day ever.  Extra sweet with this little man in our lives.
 Pax sent all his friends homemade Valentines telling them how much he loves them.

Duh. Who could resist those thighs?

Probably my favorite outfit of all time.

Nakey bath baby and the rolls I get to squeeze all day long to my hears content.

Pax loves the beach and squishing the sand in his fat little hands.

I love that hat.  He loves that swing.

Those baby blues!

Sorry ladies, he's taken... for now at least.  Could not be more in love with my baby boy.

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