Thursday, March 20, 2014


My wonderful, long time friend came to visit me and we had the best time catching up and making some new memories.  The night she flew in we had dinner and sat out by the pool with some wine and stayed up late laughing and talking.  It's always the best when it's like you can just pick right up where you left off and it's like no time as passed at all. 
 Seeing my best friend with my baby made my heart so happy!  Unfortunately the weather for her visit was the worst with lots of rain and cooler temps, but we got to spend lots of time on the couch giggling at the tv during a New Girl marathon.  With the best friends it never matters what you're doing, it's just about being together. 
 On Saturday night we had a girls night.  I was SO excited to get dressed in something pretty that did not did not have a combo of breast milk, drool and baby food on it. 
 First stop was to Crabs for a seafood dinner and a very large tropical cocktail. 
 Next it was a series of bars that were fun, had live music and of course we had our fair share of drinks!  The night ended with some new friends we met at Waffle House and with our probably drunk cab driver taking a piss in my front yard.  Yikes.
 The next morning Brad got up with the baby and let me sleep in!  It was amazing.  After we all woke up late we headed out for brunch at the Grand Marlin. 

 Jess was here for St. Patty's Day and we had big plans for us all to go out that night and celebrate.  That day we ran some errands that included a stop by a party store for more green bling. 

 Had to get one family pic on Paxton's first St Patrick's Day before the baby went to bed and we went out.
 We met up with some friends from Brad's squadron and we started the night with pizzas and beers... and a few shots. 
 From there we went place to place and had a blast where ever we went!

 Our friend, Michael, was playing guitar for a band playing at Seville, so we had to go over there for a bit and cheer him on.
 We ended the night at a packed Irish pub.
 I love this girl!  So glad we were able to have this time together and that we both are able to keep our childhood friendship going through the years and adult hood.  She's pretty amazing!!

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