Monday, April 28, 2014

10 months

 We are in the double digits!  Ahhh time slow down!

 This is really such a fun age.  Paxton is really expressive in telling us what he wants/doesn't want and I'm learning so much about him. I am loving getting to know his sweet personality.  He loves to say Dada and has said Mama a few precious times.  I'll never forget the first time that sound came out of my sons mouth.  I cried.

 He's doing all kinds of fun things like playing peek a boo and clapping his hands and even his feet.  He is on the move and we really have to keep a close eye on him because he can get around surprisingly fast.  He prefers to just roll around to get to wherever he wants to go, but does get some forward motion dragging himself along the floor.  He's so big that real/traditional crawling isn't exactly his style.

 Pax is still a fantastic sleeper.  He usually will take a good morning nap, sometimes a short afternoon nap and goes to bed at 7 and sleeps till 7 or even 8. On his 10 month birthday he slept in until 9:15! 

 Pax loves to eat.  He's starting to prefer small chunks of food rather than just purees.  He loves yogurt, bananas and kiwis the most!  He seems to have a sweet tooth like his mama.  His nursing strike turned into him just weaning himself super early. So nursing has sadly ended, but I'll keep pumping until he's at least 11 months and then I'll start supplementing a little bit with milk and be able to cut back on the pumping. 

 We could not be enjoying him more.  It makes me sad that this short baby time with him is going by so fast, but it's amazing that I've gotten to be with him the whole time and enjoy every little baby thing he does. Brad and I have started working on a project for his first birthday and it's so fun and emotional looking through all the of pictures I've taken this past year. 

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