Sunday, December 28, 2014

Our Very Merry Christmas!

Once again this year we headed up to DC to spend Christmas with my wonderful family.  It always feels like exactly where I should be.  Our week was full of making so many wonderful memories.  I got to catch up with friends, we went to the gym almost every day, ate a ton of good food, drank wine, visited with neighbors, opened an abundance of gifts and enjoyed the comfort that only being surrounded by family can bring.  I didn't pack my nice camera, so these slightly fuzzy iphone pictures will have to do!  I hope you all had a wonderful, Merry Christmas too!

We were on the way out the door to the airport when we remembered we never took a picture together!! I quickly set up my iphone timer and while the angle and lighting isn't the best I'm so glad we managed to get a couple with us all together.

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