Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Birthday Ball

This weekend we celebrated the 235th Marine Corps Birthday. This was my 4th Marine Corps Ball and I had a total blast. I love dressing up, dancing the night away with friends, food and drinks and birthday cake. Awesomeness.

We pre-gamed with some friends in our building before cabbing together over to the Officers Club. The guys played rock band as the ladies finished primping... and making our own version of the Pink Paradise cocktail (mentioned here).

We were having so much fun that we missed the first round of cabs we called. So, we called them again, waited and by the time we got in cab my hubby was about having a nervous break down that we wouldn't get there in time for us to be in our seats before the ceremony started. Thanks to my cocktail induced high spirits, I was unconcerned, taking copious pictures in the cab and probably making him want to throw me out the window.

We did in fact make it there with a few minutes, not much but a few, to spare. We did miss the entire happy hour. We quickly found our assigned seats and the ceremony started. The ceremony was followed by good speeches by the head honchos. We ate dinner and then were let loose to boogy on the dance floor.
A big thank you to my momma for picking out a ball dress for me in the shopping mecca of Northern Virginia. I live in a shopping desert and the dress I bought online was beautiful, but huge. So, that had to go back. Mom saved the day by picking this red number out for me. Way to go mom!

I loved my dress, felt good in it and it was super comfortable. I had wanted to wear my mane down since it's super long right now and I just got my hair done, but it was pouring down rain all day on Saturday, so I ended up trying my luck with taming it into something presentable. I had no idea what it was looking like in the back as I was doing it, so I got lucky it didn't end up totally awful. Beginners luck?
It was a great night celebrating with the Marines. I got to meet a lot of people Brad works with and shimmy with them on the dance floor. This night always makes me feel so proud of Brad and so fortunate to be apart of the military community.


LivKit said...

You looked so beautiful! Hope you are having a great day! :)

Mary Rogers said...

Perfect designer couple, as always. :) Love you Hon!

Becca said...

Looks like fun and what a beautiful dress!