Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Running Favorites

During my run today I just couldn't stop thinking about how much I love my shoes. Well, I've always loved my shoes, but today I was wearing them with new fancy running socks and I was amazed. I never wanted to shell out $10 for socks I'm going to work out in, but in the last year or so (thanks to my husband's encouragement) I've been investing in nicer things to work out in. I don't by any means have fancy running gear. I'm not a real runner, I just like to run. Like the quiet, the power over my body and being outside. Someday maybe I'll get a fancy running watch like a Garmin, but at this point I just don't need one. If I get curious about how far I'm running I'll drive the route or I use Map My Run.

Yes, I love my shoes. My husband surprised me with a pair of these a few years ago and changing my shoes changed my whole outlook on running. I've run through my first pair and bought the 11's for my new ones. I love strapping these babies on. They aren't fancy or expensive and I know its are a very popular shoe. These are the socks I just bought and they made a huge difference! Notice the theme with the pink? I love this water bottle. I don't like using a lot of plastic and this stainless steel bottle with a straw is perfect. Another thing I use almost every time I run is a pretty black and pink wrist pouch that has a zippered pocket to store keys, ID cards and such. I always worry about things falling out of my pockets and this wrist band is cute, comfy and so handy.

Happy running!

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New Girl on Post said...

I love Asics! I ran in Gel Nimbus until this year and then I got a different kind of Asics. They are the best shoes to run in!