Thursday, November 4, 2010

Play Ride

Sometimes you've just gotta get out!

A friend and I hit the trail this week and enjoyed the gorgeous fall weather, blue sky and beautiful views. Makoto (his name means Faithful in Japanese) loves to get out of the arena and RUN! There is something so exhilarating, relaxing and freeing about a good gallop. I feel better and I know he does too. I love this super talented, and fun horse!

Here's a little video from playing at the beach:

"In partnership with a horse, one is seldom lacking for thought, emotion and inspiration. One is always attended by a great companion." - Charles de Kunffy


Kate said...

You look so beautiful with your long mane flowing :) I wish I could come and ride with you!

Skinnie Piggie said...

First, how fun and beautiful are those pictures!

Second, thank you so so so much for the PCS tips!! =)

Adrienne said...

Head on over to my blog. There is something there for you!! :)

Mary Rogers said...

Your hair is soooo long! It looks great on you. :) And you looked amazing on that beautiful horse!