Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter! Eggs, candy, hedgie, sun and sand

Happy Easter to all of you! We are having a wonderful Easter today. I love holidays, especially ones that involve candy, which is usually all of them. I am a total freak for Cadbury cream eggs and it is a battle with my 500 lbs inner person at the commissary each week to bypass all of the Easter candy amazingness. I did get some though, I mean who am I kidding. My mom also sent us a big chocolate bunny each and one of those bunnies was gone within about 10 minutes after opening the box. Fatties! I also treated myself to some pretty white Easter lilies that smell awesome. It's a tradition in my family to watch Jesus Christ Superstar movie around Easter, so today we watched it as we dyed Easter eggs and ate our french toast with bananas fosters breakfast.

Gojou was jealous of those pretty Easter eggs, and wanted to be in on the fun, so I decorated him with Easter stickers. Awww my little Easter egg! Pretty much the highlight of my day! HA!

After our lazy morning we headed out to the beach near our apartment and camped out in the sand for some sun and relaxation. We haven't had a beach day in a long time, so it was fun to pack a lunch, play Frisbee and paddle ball and read a good book on the sand. Glorious.

Back to China posts tomorrow. Still have lots to tell you about the trip!

Happy Easter!

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Mary said...

Happy Easter Sweetheart! I wish I could have been there to dye eggs and sing along to JCS with you two!