Friday, April 29, 2011


I am WAY more excited about this than I probably should be, but OMG!!!

I've got it on TV while I'm looking here, and here,

Ahhhh I love weddings -- especially ROYAL ones!! So excited. I can't wait to see her dress! Going out to Naha tonight to toast the royal couple.


Turner3109 said...

I can't believe I'm up for it. I didn't plan to be but my five month old was fussy so now I'm up with it on. My first royal wedding to see!

Kate said...

you would be lovin' on the royal wedding! I have to say, though, it kind of roped me in as well. She is such a stunner, and how classy was that dress? I wasn't sure about the lacy sleeves, but up close that thing was flawless. Wish we could have watched it together and eaten scones!

Julie said...

I was totally absorbed in the festivities as well. What a lovely couple. They are a powerhouse couple for good in the world, I feel. Some good things will come from their camp, I'm sure. I used to think Brad looked like a brother to Prince William when he was a bit younger. I guess it's that long face and big smile! She sure is a stunner and so kind. Glad you got to watch it.