Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Food, Flowers... (something else that starts with F for a catchy title...) Fun

A few weeks ago I saw my friends post about a beautiful garden cafe and I couldn't wait to go up there and check it out myself.

N's Garden is located near the stable, so one day after taking care of Makoto with hubs we headed over for a late lunch. Even just driving out to N's Garden I was smitten. It is back off the main road a ways and you drive past all kinds of little farms. When we parked I was greeted by the moooo of a nearby cow.

We were walked past the baby grand piano and taken to a table by the large glass wall looking onto the garden. Our table was set with champagne flutes and fresh flowers. Since we got there later in the afternoon, we had to order off a limited menu, but it wasn't a problem. I knew what I had came for. The croissants!! I ordered the croissant plate that came with soup and salad. Brad got the chicken curry. After tasting my croissant-from-heaven we ordered another one and also ordered a chocolate croissant. We had to wait 20 minutes for the chocolate croissant to be baked, and it was well worth the wait. It was the thing dreams are made of! I actually caught myself eating the crumbs off the plate. On top of the delish food, I love all the pretty china they use. Each meal came with a drink, and if you order hot tea (which I suggest you do because it's amazing) it comes in a pretty personal teapot with a teacup, saucer and mini spoon. And cream and sugar come in a mini pitcher and bowl too. I'm more of a coffee person and this is the only way I really like to drink my tea.

After lunch we wandered through the garden overflowing with flowers. Every available spot was bursting with colors and blooms. The air was heavy with the smell of roses and jasmine. I was in flower heaven. The narrow winding paths lead you right through the flowers, under blooming arbors and to little goldfish ponds. In the back there was a small garden of the most beautiful basil I've ever seen.

The garden:

And because the flowers were just too pretty not to take a bunch of pictures, here's a little flower montage since I haven't done one in a while:

To check out their website/blog click here.

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