Thursday, June 16, 2011

America the Beautiful

Oh, my apologies for slacking on the blogging. I had so much to blog about, but it all got put on hold for a bit because I've traveled to the States! Yes, surprise, I took a trip home to visit the fam and friends. I got home a few days ago and will be here for 4 weeks. It seemed like the perfect time to take a little trip home to relax and reconnect. I love the good 'ol U.S. of A.! I will never ever take what we have for granted ever again.

So far I've enjoyed a lot of American food and time with mom and dad. I've been going on walks with mom around the neighborhood, running around my favorite lake, working with dad in his workshop, hanging out with mom and dad on the deck around the outdoor fireplace, watching the fireflies come out at night and listening to the tree frogs. Getting used to driving back on the right side of the road was just like riding a bike, although I do tend to turn on my windshield wipers instead of my blinker. I was worried that my pup Sparky wouldn't remember me, but he did! He is getting so old, but he is still my lil baby.

Today was a really special day! My good friend had a baby 3 weeks ago and today I got to meet him! I'm totally in love. I just love friends that no matter how long its been since seeing them when you get together it's like no time has passed. Except this time she has a new baby! He is such a doll; he pretty much sent my crazy baby fever into overdrive. Congrats to my beautiful friend!

Tomorrow I'm going to the farmers market with mom and then heading over to a wine festival with my girlfriends. I love America!


GUAMtastic said...

It's always SO good to get back! Enjoy Chipotle, Chick-fil-A and TARGET!!!

Kate said...

Glad you're having fun. Looks like you and Ky are getting along swimmingly - you've got your gooey love eyes on :)

Mary said...

So glad you're getting home finally! Take pictures of the garden and send 'em -- I so miss how beautiful everything is in summer!

Is that my shirt? :)

Eve said...

HA Mary it so is. I've raided your closet. You have some pretty awesome stuff in there! Don't worry the baby didn't barf on it or anything. xo