Saturday, June 11, 2011

Thank goodness for good friends

This weekend my friends and I had a really fun day celebrating a good friend's birthday.

We started out the day getting pedicures at Cocok's.

Had a delish lunch at a cute sandwich shop near the seawall called Big Midows Sub Stand. I will be going back here. This sandwich was so good! We all got the herb chicken sandwich which came with coconut chicken soup and fries.

A bigger group got together for dinner at Me Kara Uroko next door to Transit on the seawall. They had a large menu with lots of yummy options. It was really fun to have dinner with so many friends, but it did make me miss Brad pretty bad.

We finished the day off going to see Hangover 2 and laughed our butts off. Thank goodness for good friends! What a fabulous Friday. I love birthdays. Happy Birthday Jess, so glad I could celebrate with you!


Jessica Simmons said...

Thank you! I'm so glad you were here to celebrate with me all weekend! :) Can't wait to celebrate yours when you get back!!! xoxo

Dawn Hudson said...

Where is the sub stand? It looks yummy.