Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Enjoying the time left

As Brad's time before he left got shorter and shorter we managed to squeeze in one last really nice date night. I tried not to think about it like our "last" date, or last time we held hands in the car, last snuggle on the couch watching a movie, last laughs in the kitchen making dinner or last time we went for a run together. It of course isn't the last time. But, it sure makes me appreciate our time together more.

So, back to our date. We went to a Thai place in Mihama called Jai Thai. It was pretty cute in there, all Thai-ed up and all. Brad surprised me by ordering a bottle of champagne. We had never splurged on Moet before, so it was quite a treat.

We ordered a few dishes of the menu to share including the mandatory Pad Thai. The food wasn't anything super spectacular, more like Japanese Thai, but I did like how the pineapple dish we ordered came in an actual pineapple and the carrots in it were cut into shapes like hearts and flowers.

After dinner we had dessert over at the amazing Yogurtland. Then we walked around and had fun window shopping and going into a few interesting stores.

We did find this adorable wine and cheese shop that I totally fell in love with. They had fresh breads, snacks, a variety of cheeses and lots of wine and foods imported from Europe and the USA. What really caught my eye was that they had some organic foods and candy. I asked the wonderful Japanese store clerk if they carried any organic wines and he took me over to a whole organic wine section! He helped us pick out a nice bottle of organic white wine and I got some organic cherry hard candies too. Really good find!

We went home and talked over a nice glass of wine out on our balcony. Such a sweet, romantic night with the love of my life. So blessed.

I've been secretly working on making Brad a video. I've never made one before, so this is my first try. For some reason youtube kind of squished some of the photos, but this will give you the gist. I put it on a DVD and also made him a mix CD and will sneak it into is flight bag so he'll find it on his trip out.


Becca said...

Geeze! Morning coffee tears!!
He is going to LOVE it. Big thanks to you and your husband for serving, and I pray you are safely back in each others' arms again soon.

Mary said...

Oh Sweetie! Your video was wonderful. I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes. I loved how you matched the words of the song -- "sepia" and "stars." Beautifully done.

So glad you and Brad were able to have one more perfect night before he shipped out. You two will be "better together" before you know it!

Julie said...

Okay, now I am bawling. That was beautiful, and yes, you are better together. I know Brad is going to absolutely love this. It is amazing how you have captured your life in these pictures. What a grand adventure it has been already. I loved the shot where you were looking at the star and the song's word came up star at the same time! Wonderful. Hang in there.