Wednesday, June 22, 2011

VA has my heart

Aside from the awesome plethora of shopping and restaurant choices, Northern Virginia will always have a special place in my heart. It's home. I love Virginia for so many reasons. For it's quick access to the city as well as horse country. For the convenience and for it's beauty. Definitely not for it's horrible traffic, but even that won't keep me away. I love it here. Going down every street had a hundred memories. I think it is the sense of belonging that makes me love it the most. That super comfortable, I'm-in-my-element kind of feeling.

This is what I've been up to this week:
Eating. Shopping.

My favorite bread store. Great Harvest.

Farmers Market.

Wine Festival.

Friends! When out at Icons in Fairfax my high school girlfriends ran into more high school friends. It was a mini high school reunion. Nothing like running into your high school flame when you're least expecting it.

This trip home is just what I needed, for so many reasons. I feel re-charged, happy and back to my old self. This trip has been so good for my soul!

So now we are packing up the car to go visit family in Jersey and then going to a cabin on a private island in Maine. Wifi is going to be hard to find! So, there may be a real break in the blog posts for a little while. But, don't worry I'll have tons to update you with when I get back!


Kate said...

I have several things to say about this post, but I'll save it for our next phone chat :) So glad you're having fun! I know what you mean about feeling more confidence in your home space: it's as if you've stumbled back into the place where you are most yourself. Coming back to DC always feels like that for me - even my coffee shop interactions are infused with more self assurance!

Hope you're having a lovely time soaking up Maine's magic right now. Lots of love <3

Julie said...

Oh Eve, you have the cutest mother on the planet! How lucky for you. Every place you pictured is just wonderful. I adore the muffin shop with its beautiful words printed on the walls. The farmers' market is huge and filled with abundance. I can see a house being built there one day ... it is a beautiful place to live and raise your family. Hugs to your mom and dad. I know Brad must be needing a hug from you and wishes he could be with you. I hope we can skype soon. When is the best time to chat with him? Hope you have a fabulous time in Maine. We keep running into people from Maine, and they can't say enough good about the place! Take care. You do look beautiful, refreshed and recharged! The horses are going to soak you up when you get back!

Jessica said...

Hi, I just found your blog through another milspouse. I was particularly looking for someone stationed in Japan. My husband just received his orders and we will be PCSing to Okinawa in September! Your blog is great! I can't wait to read through it!