Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Outstanding Organics

Introducing my new favorite restaurant on Okinawa: Ukishima Garden!
Ukishima is 100% organic and vegetarian. All the veggies are locally grown and most dishes are macrobiotic. No meat, fish, eggs, or dairy are used in most of the dishes. And to top it off they have a great selection of organic wines!
Hope found a brochure for this restaurant while we were having bagels at Cactus Eatrip. We immediately called for a dinner reservation that night. We were so excited and weren't disappointed. We both knew we wanted to indulge in the organic wine, so we took a cab ride from Kinser and the poor cab driver had to all the restaurant twice to figure out where they were located (even though the location did not seem hard to find so close to Kokousai Street).

At the restaurant we completely indulged. We ordered a fresh, crisp salad that was picked from their very own garden out back. We also ordered an appetizer of Orion beer battered veggie fritters that were also so incredibly flavorful and yummy. We both got the amazing veggie pasta with a tomato cream sauce for our main dishes. We had pieces of sugar and dairy free hazelnut and chocolate cake for dessert. How they got that cake to be so incredibly good without butter and sugar is beyond me! To top it off we first ordered a bottle of sweet sparkling wine and lingered so long over our delish meal that we ended up splurging with a second bottle of Riesling. (Good thing we had already decided to take a cab!) It was an incredible meal and I will be going back for sure!!

Ukishima Garden is located in Naha near Kokousai Street. 1400 - 1800 cafe time. 1800 - 2400 dinner time. The address is 1-12-3 Matsuo Naha Okinawa 900-0014. Phone for directions or reservations: 098-943-2100.


Mary said...

Yes indeed -- when I finally make it over there I would LOVE to visit this place... I think I'll take a pass on the Arin Krin zombie octopus though!! :)

Julie said...

Pure indulgence, Eve! How amazing you found a practically vegan restaurant offering such delicious, healthy and nutritious choices. Everything looks just scrumptious. You can check out Babycakes, the dessert cookbook, by Erin McKenna. She has that same ability to make cake and cookies taste like it came from the gods without the use of eggs and butter. Being 4,500 feet up, my recipes don't come out so great.
How fun!