Monday, August 29, 2011

Zombie Octopus

While my friend was visiting she requested that we go to the Arin Krin Garlic House Restaurant. I had gone once before when we first got to the island and wasn't impressed and never went back. But, of course I was more than willing to try it again with my visitor.

After having quite a time waiting for a parking spot and parking in their tiny lot we went in and ordered some of the dishes that got raving reviews online such as the garlic pizza, shrimp spring rolls, and fried mashed potatoes. We also ordered a dish described as octopus and asparagus with garlic sauce. We're thinking calamari... ummm no, not so much. This dish came out from the kitchen wriggling. As in alive. We were horrified. The octopus was chopped up and it looked like it's skin had been shaved off and these shavings were waving and moving around on the plate. Nightmare central.

During our entire meal (meal that did not include any of the octopus dish) we watched this poor octopus slowly die a second death. My friend is a vegetarian and I'm not far behind, so we were appalled, but my science mind was at work. I knew it couldn't really be alive alive. After some poking around on the internet and you tube it turns out that soy sauce reanimates the dead tissue of the octopus, squid etc and makes it move. Zombie octopus!

Article and video can be found here.

So, if you go to Arin Krin and want to loose your appetite order the octopus and asparagus dish. Otherwise, I'd just stick to the meat and wriggle free garlic pizza.

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Julie said...

Oh my god, I did lose my appetite! That sounds impossible, and I wonder why anyone would want that experience. Now that I have given up meat and dairy, that has no appeal whatsoever. But the rest sounds tasty! Nice date.