Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Half Way Mark

I adore September. Love. It's time for cooler weather, sweet pumpkin treats and it just happens to be the half way point for my husbands deployment. That's right, half way done! I've been rather quiet on here about his deployment and honestly it hasn't exactly been easy for us thus far. Deployment has had it's own unique set of challenges and we've never done this before. So, we're learning as we go and trying to grit our teeth and bear it. We both have been incredibly busy and that sure has made time go by fast for both of us.

Without giving out too much information, here are some cool pictures my hubby took thus far. The 10th anniversary of 9/11 just passed and it makes me incredibly proud that my husband is over there. I hope you enjoy getting a peek into his life these days.


Julie said...

New gmail, so I am checking to see if this appears.

Julie said...

Hang in there guys! Halfway...that is incredible. I know it probably isn't flying as fast as you'd like, but it sounds like you keep in touch and are moving forward.
I love the pictures. In that barren place, to see that beautiful water must be uplifting.
We loved reading the email from Brad and all the newsletters! I saw Brad pensively reading! Thanks so much for sending those; I'll forward them to everyone. Nice!
Take care. Keep your spirits up, and I am glad you are staying busy.

Becca said...

Many, many thanks to you and your Husband for your sacrifice and love of this country...And thanks for posting these amazing pics! And happy Halfway (yay!)


Also, I think you have inspired me to get some cute new workout clothes. I am such a frumpy runner-momma these days, haha! I haven't started wearing cutoff sweatpants yet, but I swear I am walking a fine line...

Mary said...

Excellent pics from Brad! He must have learned something from you. :)

Hang in there my strong girl. December will be here before you know it!