Tuesday, September 20, 2011

TEN miles!

I just ran 10 miles. Totally proud of myself right now. And totally in love with my body that can run me that far. I set out to do my usual 6, but my path at the beach was blocked (maybe because of the gigantic waves we're getting from the typhoon off the coast), so thanks to the good 'ol iPhone I found a new running route I really liked. It also took me through some parts where if I was in the states I would have been really freaked out, but good thing I'm in Japan where there isn't much crime. Did make me run pretty fast through those parts though!

It was such a beautiful night. It's really getting a bit fall-ish out there! Hurray! I snapped this picture on my iPhone around mile 5. How did I ever run before having an iPhone?! I was listening to music, taking a picture, tracking my speed and miles and looking at the map. Love it.

Today was a really busy day. I had a early dentist appointment (loath), went to work, took care of poor hurt Makoto, rode and taught lessons and then came home and ran.

So now I'm rewarding myself with a nice glass of Riesling made from organic grapes, Autumn Leaves candle, fresh flowers from my favorite florist and feet in my comfy bunny socks (and knees covered in icy hot). By the way I'm watching Thor. That Chris Hemsworth is quite pretty! Yum.

Also, this past weekend in celebration of this new fall-ish weather I made vegan Pumpkin Brownies. So, I'll probably reward myself with one of those too.

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